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Shelter killing is the leading cause of death for healthy dogs and cats in the United States. It doesnít have to be. Ė Nathan Winograd

Most of the cats we receive into Famous Fido come from shelters. Once a cat arrives into a shelter it has very little chance of ever getting out. The cats are not seen. They are often immediately marked for euthanasia and not shown to potential adopters. They donít get a chance. Some cats are given into the shelter with the intention of them benefitting from the Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR) program. This is where feral cats are found on the street, caught, neutered and then returned to where they were found. Unfortunately, many of these cats end up being killed instead of neutered. Sick cats are killed. Cats that arrive in a healthy condition will often get ill in a shelter environment. Pneumonia is a very common infection easily contracted in shelters. Senior cats are killed. Pregnant cats are killed. Some of these cats arenít even feral cats. Itís often hard to tell if the cat is actually a feral cat or if it is simply a domestic cat that has been lost or dumped.

We need to encourage people to rehome their cats or seek help to find resources to care for them so they can keep them. Cats that are dumped on the street cannot fend for themselves. They die during the harsh winter, are poisoned through eating contaminated food or are even used as bait for fighting. Giving the animals to a shelter is not the answer. Itís a death sentence. These animals deserve our protection.



Dusty is a sweet, fun, playful, handsome and friendly, eight-month-old, male, orange tabby kitten looking for a loving guardian.

Dusty loves to follow you around the house! He enjoys playing with his toys and adores rolling with his catnip toys. He also enjoys people and loves to be pet.

Poor Dusty landed at Chicago Animal Care and Control paralyzed after being hit by a car. Lucky for him, a foster mom for Famous Fido’s brought him home and nursed him back to health.

He’s not quite sure what to think of other cats. But, he lives with a Yorkie and a Poodle who he tolerates. He’s afraid of larger dogs at this point in time and his foster mom is working on his cat socialization skills.

Dusty uses his litter boy and scratching post like a good boy. He rubs against your legs and purrs and purrs. Sometimes when you reach to pet him he flattens to the ground as if he’s accustomed to being hit. It breaks your heart to see that response. However, with time and love he should learn to be more trusting.

  • Sex: 
  • M         
  • Breed:  
  • Orange Tabby
  • Age: 
  • Young  


Lawrence is an extremely handsome and sweet, three-year-old, 10-pound, male brown tabby looking for a loving guardian.

Lawrence is a very agreeable boy who lets you pick him up and cuddle him like a baby. He has a delightful disposition. He has a plush coat which makes him even more snuggly. He loves rolling in catnip, and he uses his litter box like a good boy.

Lawrence landed at Chicago Animal Care and Control and was lucky to be rescued from a shelter cage.

  • Sex: 
  • M         
  • Breed:  
  • Tabby
  • Age: 
  • Adult  


Mel is an adorable, lovable, playful and cuddly, golden-eyed, one-year-old, male brown and white patch tabby cat looking for a loving guardian.

Mel loves people and plays well with other cats. He uses his litter box and scratching post like a good boy. And, even though he has all his nails … he’s very gentle using them. Mel enjoys play with water in the sink and sometimes makes you laugh when he accidentally rolls off the couch, followed by a race around the room.

Mel would do best with at least one other cat in the home to play with. He likes to sleep in bed with his family, and he loves to be held. During the day he’ll catch a sunbeam to lay in.

  • Sex: 
  • M         
  • Breed:  
  • Tabby
  • Age: 
  • Young  


Clyde is a very handsome, lovable, playful and loyal, golden/green-eyed, nine-year-old, male silver tabby cat looking for a loving guardian.

After being rescued from Chicago Animal Care and Control, Clyde landed in a wonderful foster home with seven other cats. He gets along with everyone beautifully. The poor guy had been found as a stray, covered in fleas, malnourished and anemic. His foster mom has helped him regain his health with a combination of grain-free food, and fish oil and L-Lysine supplements.

Clyde loves to be close to his people and even enjoys sleeping under the covers with them. However, he’s wiggly and not big on being picked up and carried around.

Clyde has exhibited excellent litter box habits and uses his scratching post like a good boy. He’s so gentle with his claws, even when he doesn’t want you to pick him up … he’s a true feline gentleman.

  • Sex: 
  • M         
  • Breed:  
  • Tabby
  • Age: 
  • Young  


Raven is a sweet four month old, female American Shorthair kitten.

  • Sex: 
  • F         
  • Breed:  
  • American Shorthair
  • Age: 
  • Young  
Photography by Petraits™ is a professional photographer who combines her love of animals and her photographic talent to capture pet personalities on film. Sheri shares her home with a pack of much-adored rescues including: seven cats, two dogs, a rabbit and a cockatiel. Although the count changes day-to-day depending on what rescued pets join her menagerie temporarily while looking for permanent homes.

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